"Forgive me if I don't have the words. Maybe I can sing it and you'll understand."

Ella fitzgerald

About Me:

I have sung since childhood, and other than a brief hiatus as my voice deepened(!), I have gone on singing. As a professional singer and actor having performed in the West End as well as across the UK and Europe, I have a wealth of experience to draw from. I made my professional debut at the age of 21 singing in the internationally renowned Salzburg Music Festival performing at both the Felsenreitschule and Grosses Festspielhaus. Since then, I have gone on to perform in a variety of musicals including The Phantom of the Opera (30th Anniversary West End Cast), The Third Man, CarouselMy Fair Lady & Girlfriends, as well as several tours with The 12 Tenors across Germany and Central Europe. Parallel to my performances on the theatrical stage, I am also an experienced cabaret artist; notably since its inception in 2017 (in addition to being an original cast member) I have been the most regularly featured performer in the Sunday Afternoon at the Musicals series by Pizza Express Live London.

My musical education is anchored in my background as a brass musician (Cornet/Trumpet & Tenor Horn.) Having joined my first brass band aged 11, I later went on to play for a variety of orchestras and concert bands, but notably internationally renowned championship section brass bands. Tommy has strong lungs!

I am incredibly passionate about all things music and singing. What other sphere combines art, science and language all under one banner? None that I can think of...

My approach:

In my humble opinion, singing must be fun and completely "unstuffy". Whereas reading and wider research can be understandably pivotal in understanding the voice, in the rehearsal room, a cerebral approach can often be counter-productive. My rehearsal room - or yours, if we work remotely - is a safe space to practice, play and most importantly make mistakes. As Patsy Rodenburg in her book 'The Right To Speak' notes from one contributor "God doesn't mind a bum note!" A singing lesson is just that: a lesson. Time to learn through practice, through trial and error; an approach that works for one student might not work for another. Who cares if you sing a bum note in a lesson? That's the place to do it!

As a singer, your body is your instrument. If I took a sledgehammer to my cornet, I most likely wouldn't be able to play it. So how does life affect you, as your instrument? Have you noticed that when you're relaxed you sing better? My approach is to be patient and kind, but it is also important for you to be patient and kind to/with yourself.

"God doesn't mind a bum note!" 


"All singing, no matter the genre, requires a fundamental knowledge and understanding of the breath and support" 


The Technical:

Release and BREATHE! So many other issues come about as a lack of breath control and support, such as (but definitely not exclusive to):

  • Tongue root tension
  • Jaw tension
  • Neck tension
  • A locked lower back
  • Locked knees

These will all block the voice, and likely get worse over time, leading to a variety of other issues. It is important to recognise that it doesn't matter if you want to sing pop, opera, jazz, soul, rap, R&B or death metal(!) All singing, no matter the genre, requires a fundamental knowledge and understanding of the breath and support.

So what do I mean by breathe? We all breathe everyday without even thinking about it; 20,000 times a day to be precise. Do you think about it? (Well, you are now!) Breathing in a healthy and supportive manner is what we strive for as singers. In very simple terms, release that tummy (and all that comes with it) when you breathe in and let the air drop in, then support from your pelvic floor and upwards when you breathe out. Easy enough to say isn't it? …there may be a bit more to it than that...

If you want to soar to those top notes, perform multiple shows a week or just sing in the shower. Then it is, for me, of paramount importance to identify those tensions, then we can set about releasing and breathing. We'll also have a laugh, I promise(!)

Lessons & Costs:

Please note that I am based in London, UK.

Remote lessons (conducted via Zoom or similar platform)
Standard fee: £45.00 per hour
Concessions available, please drop me a message.

In-person lessons (additional costs due to room hire):
Standard fee: £55.00*
Concessions available, please drop me a message.
*Depending on notice and venue, prices may fluctuate.

As a working actor and singer there may be periods when I am unavailable for lessons. Notice will always be given in advance.

If you are interested in booking a lesson, or would like to enquire, please drop me a line via the adjacent form. I look forward very much to hearing from you.

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