the sterling quarter

THE STERLING QUARTER is a YouTube radio series created, written and performed by Tom Sterling.

Based on the great radio comedies of the 1950s & 60s, The Sterling Quarter consists of a variety of combined and stand alone sketches. All characters are voiced by Tom Sterling (...with no artificial aid).

Currently following the events leading up to Britain's referendum on the EU.

most recent
individual sketches
von sterling
double o'sterling
Happy & Glorious
a tribute to her majesty
The Queen Mother
(first sketch of The Sterling Quarter)
lady badgerworth sings
the sweet smell of insanity
(episode one)
the sweet smell of insanity
(episode two)
conducting with
walter von schmetterling
a brief insight into the life of
joe turnipson
full episodes
  • An Insight Into The Life of Joe Turnipson
  • The Sweet Smell of Insanity (Episode One)
  • A Word From The Sponsor
  • Conducting With Walter Von Schmetterling
  • The Queen Mother
episode two
  • An Homage to Horne
  • The Sweet Smell of Insanity (Episode Two)
  • Why I Joined The RSC
  • The Badgerworth Burns Night Haggis Hunt

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